Old technology is used to create innovative portraits in public places

Artist Hsin-Chien Huang has created a moving installation entitled ‘The Moment We Meet.’ Huang uses split-flap displays to showcase a collection of faces that incorporate the different emotions and feelings expressed when people meet for the first time.

A split-flap display is an electromechanical display device that presents changeable letters and numbers. They are typically used in public transport because they are timetable in airports or railway stations to show arrivals and departures. Each flap is controlled to create a new face made up of multiple expressions of different people. To see this kinetic art in motion check out the video below. Continue reading

22 Jump Street gets a video game, spoof movie posters, and even an action figure

Visual studio ALMA MATER recently collaborated with 22 Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller on the closing credits for the action-comedy starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. The credits come in the form of spoof movie posters that each suggest an absurd possibility for continuing the Jump Street franchise.

Some of the funny posters include the proposed “23 Jump Street: Medical School” or “2121 Jump Street (in outer space).” In just four weeks, ALMA MATER produced 21 full-scale movie posters, a realistic-looking video game, and a cel-animated cartoon, as well as action figures, lunchboxes, and board games based on the film. Continue reading

Batek Architekten create gallery-like backdrop for Zalando beauty store in Berlin

Zalando store by Batek Architekten

German practice Batek Architekten combined pale surfaces with concrete and steel accents to draw customer’s attention to the products on offer in this beauty store in central Berlin.

The shop is located close to the city’s busy Hackescher Markt square and is Zalando‘s first bricks-and-mortar store – the brand previously sold high-street fashion, shoes and accessories online. Continue reading

Tropical Space creates playground for chickens and children in Vietnam

Chicken House by Tropical Space

Vietnamese studio Tropical Space has created an elaborate coop that features a network of boxes, platforms and stairs, which can be used by both chickens and children.

The coop was commissioned by an elderly couple who wanted to move to the country side and keep chickens. They also wanted their grandchildren to come and visit often, and needed a space for them to play when they came to stay. Continue reading