Snøhetta to renovate historic Detroit station for Ford innovation centre

Architecture firm Snøhetta plans to transform Detroit‘s Michigan Central Station into a research hub for car company Ford, with proposals for a “collaborative ecosystem” of professionals to develop self-driving vehicles.

The Corktown Campus project will involve the overhaul of the historic building, which has been in disrepair for 30 years since Amtrak last used the train station, as well as nearby facilities to form a mixed-use development close to downtown Detroit. Continue reading

“Borders (The Magnetic Fields)” by Artist Miso

MISO aka Stanislava Pinchuk (previously featured here).

“I felt really compelled to data map how the ground was being changed by the
evacuation of the Calais ‘Jungle’, as it was happening. Migration in difficult circumstances
has a huge personal resonance for me, and it felt really overwhelming to see migration directly
affecting the actual landscape like that. And it’s about borders and bigger dreams,
senses of desire and migration. ” Continue reading