World’s First 100% Plant-Based Steak Is Barely Distinguishable From the Real Thing

Dutch company Vivera claims it has created the holy grail of plant-based protein – a 100% vegan steak that tastes and smell so good that consumers will barely be able to tell that it’s not actual steak.

Made primarily of soy and wheat, the groundbreaking vegan steak is the result of one and a half years of trial and error, with Vivera’s experts working against the clock to ensure that the Dutch company is the first to bring a 100% plant-based steak to market. While getting the taste and smell right was a big challenge, the texture was by far the most difficult to replicate. Making a plant-based product feel like steak when your biting and chewing on it is apparently not the easiest thing in the world. Continue reading

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As stocks run dry, new book explores the history and appeal of Japanese whisky

japanese whisky brian ashcraft book

Last week, Japanese whisky was in the news worldwide for reasons that might be described as both good and bad: an approaching Suntory whisky shortage due to the immense popularity of the brand’s lineup of Hakushu and Hibiki.

This ambivalent achievement crowns a remarkable few years for Japanese whisky. It used to be a rather overlooked niche that favored foreign celebrities for domestic advertising. Along the way, Orson Welles, Rod Stewart, and Francis Ford Coppola have all helped flog whisky in Japan — a phenomenon that reached meta-levels when the latter’s daughter, Sophia, directed Lost in Translation with Bill Murray playing a washed-up star called over to Tokyo to appear in a cheesy commercial for Suntory whisky. Continue reading

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Six installations worth seeing at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018

With Clerkenwell Design Week kicking off tomorrow, Dezeen’s Natashah Hitti picks out six of the best installations to see, including a pop-up street of pink townhouses and a pavilion made from layers of interwoven string.

Dezeen is media partner for Clerkenwell Design Week, which is now in its ninth edition. The annual event sees design-focused happenings take place, in an area of London that is home to scores of architecture studios and furniture brands.

This years’s event runs from 22 to 24 May, with venues including the former prison known as the House of Detention, the Museum of the Order of St John and Fabric nightclub. Continue reading

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Cabin on the Border is an off-grid shelter with walls that open on pulleys

Cabin on the Border by So? Istanbul

A system of pulleys are used to raise and lower sections of the walls of this prefabricated cabin on the border between Turkey and Greece, allowing the holiday home to open up to the outdoors or be completely closed during bad weather.

Cabin on the Border was designed by Istanbul architecture studio SO? for a couple with a young child who live in the Turkish city and wanted a retreat they could used to escape to on the weekends.

The cabin is situated in a village close to the city of Edirne in the northwest of Turkey. Its location close to the Aegean Sea means the family uses it for longer periods in the summer but it also needs to provide a sanctuary all year round. Continue reading

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Custom Keyboard Spotlight: Zealencio Silencing Clips

Making a keyboard quieter is a quest undertaken by many enthusiasts. Most of the methods for doing this require either complex switch modifications or slapping o-rings on keycaps that ruin the feel. Another option is Zealencio silencing clips. These neat little devices come from ZealPC, the designer of Zealio switches. However, they’re not only for Zeal’s switches. They’ll fit on almost any Cherry-style switch to provide a quieter typing experience.

You can apply a Zealencio to the switches already installed in a keyboard. They clip on top with a hole for the stem and another for the LED. On top of each Zealencio is a thin rubber pad. This pad is double-sided in order to silence the bottom-out noise as well as the return. Continue reading

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